Below you’ll find our current surveys and reports.

We’re just getting started again, so there’s not a lot of results just yet, but with your continued support in completing relevant surveys and sharing them with your colleagues, I do think we’ll be able to build a very useful reference site here.


Current / Open Surveys

2016 Photographers Survey

Another quick one: just a few questions to get a better view on the state of the stock photography industry; what’s selling, who’s buying and the general level of confidence for the future. Again there’s a long form question in the for those who want to share additional insights.

2016 Photo Buyers Survey

A quick and simple one to get the ball rolling… just 5 questions on the kinds of photos you currently use, how you use them and how you go about finding them. Should only take a minute or two, though there’s a long form answer in there if you car to share!


Completed Surveys & Polls

We’ll be posting survey results and reports here as they come to hand so please call back.  For that we need a lot more input from a lot more people… photographers and photo buyers… so please use the buttons to the right to give us a share, anywhere your colleagues might see it!


Survey Question Suggestions

We’d really like this to become a community effort, so we’re looking for your input on the question we ask.

  • Photo Buyers, if there anything you’d like to ask a big group of Photographers, here’s your chance!
  • Likewise, Photographers, if there’s information that might help you with your shooting or marketing, let us know and we’ll try and get it for you!

The suggestion lists below are ‘live’ so you can view and vote for current suggestions, or add your own. Please be sure to check them out and add your own suggestions while you’re here.

Questions For Photo Buyers | Questions For Photographers