2016 Photographer Survey

This survey is intended for experienced photographers who are currently generating an income from their photography. Thanks for your support!

Welcome to the  2016 Photographer Survey

1) Which Best Describes You and Your Photography
2) What of the following best describes what you mostly shoot?

3) Which of the following is your main source of income?

4) Age Group:
5) Gender
6) Where Do You Live?
7) How has your photography business performed over the last 12 months, compared to the previous 12 months?
8) How do you expect your business to perform over the next 12 months, compared to the last 12 months?
9) Which is the most common way that you charge for your photography services?

10) How do your current prices compare with those from 12 months ago?
11) How do you expect your prices will compare in 12 months from now?
12) Which one aspect of running your business would you say you spend the most time on?

13) Which of the following marketing channels do you use to generate leads and sales? Please select all that apply.

14) Which of the following marketing channels is the most effective for your business?

15) Which of the following marketing channels that you've used in the last 12 months, was the least effective for your business?

16) What percentage of your business turnover would you attribute to returning clients / repeat business?
17) How do you keep in contact with your existing clients / customers? Check all that apply.

18) What is the single biggest challenge you face in growing your photography business?
19) What is one application or software tool you often think of, that would make running your business easier?
20) What is one service you wish someone would offer, that would help you grow your business?