Our goal here is to give Photo Buyers and Photographers essential information about each other!

The stock photography industry has gone through some major changes in recent years, and sometimes it seems that neither the photographers or the photo buyers are particularly happy with the result.

What’s particularly troubling, is the Us and Them mindset that’s emerged on both sides.

There’s a real disconnect developing… and even distrust in some areas… so we want to foster a better understanding of how the other party thinks and operates, so we might start working together again.

Please be warned, we are a bit old fashioned in our beliefs….

Photo research is an integral part of the creative process. The best result occurs when two creative minds… photo-buyer and photographer… work together to source the best possible image for the client’s needs.

No doubt there are other approaches and opinions though, so we will try to keep that bias out of the polls and surveys.

The goal here is simply to provide you with a better understanding of your counterparts, and for you to share a few insights on your perspectives.

To that end we’ll be posting a mix of detailed surveys, quick questionnaires and instant polls.

All results will be published here, so you can call back regularly to see what’s new.

You can subscribe to our list for a quick update any time new data is published, or you can connect on social media to keep in touch.

On that note… please share this site!

These projects are only going to be really useful for you if we get a good cross-section of photo buyers and photographers participating.

Please share this site now, and as you complete different surveys and polls, please share again when prompted… it will help us get the information you’re looking for!

This helps us help you…

We need photographers to share with other photographers to get the data that photo buyers want to see.

And we need photo buyers to share with their colleagues so we can gather the data that photographers want to know.

So while it might not be a direct correlation, the more you share, the better the experience will be for your counterparts…

And the more they’ll share…

Which will mean better information for you!

Please tell us what you want to know!

You’ll notice a feedback tab at the bottom-right of every page. If you click on that you can send us your feedback… or tell us what subjects interest you and what questions you’d like to see answered.

We’ll monitor that closely and set up new polls and surveys as appropriate.

The Photo Researchers Directory

Please also check out the Photo Researchers Directory while you’re here. This has been developed to help inexperienced photo buyers can find a professional photo researcher to assist on your next photography project, and also on the larger more complicated projects. Already we have a number of specialists available to save you time and effort.

If you offer specialist photo research services, please submit a business listing. There are free for all professional researchers. All listings are manually checked though, so please ensure you include a link to a business website where you offer the appropriate services.

In the interests of full disclosure, we do operate our own stock library GlobalEye, representing several hundred international photographers and servicing an even larger and more diverse clientele.

While this site was originally created to host a survey of our Clients back in 2010, we’ve since seen a real need to expand on that and make the information available to all stakeholders.

So this is now an independent site and if you choose to subscribe for updates, we will only ever contact you with information relevant for this site.

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