Our Photo Buyers’ Surveys are quite short and simple, and allow us to produce a snapshot of  industry trends and current photo buyer needs & expectations.

The specific focus varies each year, but for 2016 we’re looking to provide photographers with useful information on content and usage trends, so they can better supply the images you need going forward. This year we’re also asking for some details on how you go about sourcing images and your main considerations when making a licensing decision.

The survey is deliberately quick and simple, and will only take most people couple of minutes to complete, though there are some long-form answers available if you wish to elaborate.

Obviously the more participants we can attract, the better value the information will be, so we do appreciate your assistance in that regard as well.

So please complete the survey for starters, but then also take a moment to share this site anywhere you connect with other photo buyers.

If you’d also like to send a link to any Photographers you deal with regularly, that will really help us gather more useful data there as well!

Open The 2016 Photo Buyers Survey Page

Survey Terms & Conditions

  1. You are invited to participate in our surveys on various aspects of the photography industry. In these surveys, photo buyers will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about how they research, license and publish photography.
  2. We are looking to identify trends and patterns, to assist photographers with the long term operation of their business, and to ensure they are catering to the specific needs of the market. The data collected for this survey will be published in summary form on this website after the survey closes and be freely available to all participants.
  3. All responses are totally anonymous. We do not ask for any identifying information and we will not make any attempt to connect your responses to any other activity on the website.
  4. Most questions are required to ensure we get an accurate & complete data sample, but you can withdraw from the survey at any time if you are not comfortable with any particular question.